Supporting Information

Generally, funders will require evidence to prove the need for your project such as results of a questionnaire you have circulated in the local area, and information and statistics from ‘official’ sources.

The more statistical evidence you can produce to support your application the more chance you have of success. The type and size of the bid will determine the range and amount of information you may require.

It might be necessary to contact your local authority to ascertain what policies, strategies and Local Area Agreements (LAAs) they have in place and ensure your project fits into these policies and agreements where they exist as it will prove to the funders that you are working in accordance with local strategies.

Pages within this section will hopefully provide a useful starting point on sources of information. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or need further assistance, please contact your local funding adviser.

The site includes independent information about how councils, police, health services and others are tackling the major issues in every area in England. Visit the site at

For York go to:

Health Profiles
Health Profiles provide a snapshot of health for each area in England using key health indicators, which enables comparison locally, regionally and over time. They are designed to help local councils and the NHS decide where to target resources and tackle health inequalities in their local area.

Government current and past national consultations.

National Statistics

Neigbourhood Renewal Unit

RDInfo is part of the National Institute for Health Research

Social Exclusion Task Force

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